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Open water training in Marseille : Matt's interview

Open Water Training in Marseille : Matt's interview

Can you introduce yourself briefly? Your training, your travels, your experiences ...?

My name is Matthew lynch and I've recently passed my Divers level 1 open waters course through the company Aquadomia in Marseille, I am a 24 year old white South African working in France in the armee de terre as a legionnaire.

> How did you become a diver?

I became a diver through the company Aquadomia, who has helped me to get my first level open waters certificate.

> What do you value most in this practice?

What I valued most in the course I have passed was the professionalism of the monitor/instructor Vincent who was with me and helped at ALL times during the dives.

> How did you hear about the Aquadomia school?

I had heard about Aquadomia through a friend who recommended it to me at work, and read about it further online.

Matthew during his Open Water training in Marseille with Aquadomia

Matthew during his Open Water training in Marseille with Aquadomia

> What training exactly are you doing now?

I'm learning to become a combat diver for my regiment.

> Lately, what exercises you have to do as part of this training?

Exercise include physical exercise, completing my open waters levels so that I may have a know-how of the equipment used in diving as well the security and the risks involved.

> What do you think of teaching Vincent and more generally the Aquadomia school?

I think Vincent is highly professional while being very humble and stern with his students, his students are always taken care of and are always briefed and well prepared before each dive.

> What did you like projects for the future?

I would very much like to further my courses with Aquadomia in the region of completing further diving course right up to a level of being a monitor/instructor, etc.

> Think you continue to train?

I train to be the best at what I do, so yes I will continue!

To conclude, what do you think of Marseille spots to dive?

Marseille is a beautiful city with awesome places to dive as well being very very scenic in its underwater surroundings.

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